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Let's Discover a new Mexico

Hi, traveler, OMETOURS welcomes you to Mexico, a country where you will find many things to do, delicious food to try, tasty spirits to drink, architecture and art to marvel at, cute hotels to stay, stunning restaurants to eat, beaches and nature to unwind yourselves.

Us - Isaa and Charly - are a Mexico City based gay couple who started to travel together in Mexico in 2012, and founded this tour company in 2017; our main goal is to create the best customized travel experience for you, we aim at organizing your dream trip, considering the time you have to travel, the things you like, the companions you are travelling with, and your expectations about the destination.

If wondering, we also include gay experiences at some specific destinations and neighborhoods in Mexico City, so if you are part of this beautiful rainbow community, join us and feel free and proud of being yourself as you travel with us, because we know what it feels like to feel free while you travel.

We look forward to meeting you all guys, tour with us and #DiscoverANewMexico

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